MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — According to a report compiled by IBISWorld, the detailing and carwash industry in Australia managed to succeed in spite of a poor economic environment and falling discretionary spending.

The March 13 press release stated that changing social and environmental mores have boded well for the industry. In fact, in the five years through 2012-2013, industry revenue is expected to increase 1.9 percent per annum and total AUS $505.4 million.

Carwash charges more for 'extra dirty' cars

IBISWorld industry analyst Naren Sivasailam said in the release, “The depths of the financial crisis coincided with the worst of the drought, which helped the industry grow during an otherwise vulnerable economic period."

The strict water regulations and busy customer lifestyles have resulted in growing demand for detailing and carwashing. Thus, many commercial car care operations in Australia have marketed themselves as environmentally friendly using high-pressure hoses that require less water and recycling most of their water.

Wash works to conserve during long-term drought

Strong income growth is expected for Australians over the next few years, but the number of new cars is likely to plateau, the release noted.

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