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Detailing operators report illegal competitors

GADONG, BRUNEI — The unregulated businesses' excessively low prices attract customers.

GADONG, BRUNEI — Even though detailers and carwash operators here have let their voices be heard, illegal carwashing competitors have shown no signs of stopping, The Brunei Times reported.

The Nov. 28 story stated that the owners have lodged a complaint before municipal enforcement, yet the legitimate businessmen are still incurring losses. The illegal operations take away customers with their “excessively low prices.”

Illegal, after-hours bar shut down at carwash

Azhan Nikman, owner of Pro Auto-K Services, spoke on behalf of disgruntled operators in Brunei. Nikman said in the story that the illegal operations are not fulfilling safety requirements. Also, these washes lack the facilities and equipment to ensure safety and quality.

Jonathan Ong, lead detailer at Max Tyres and Rims, previously told the newspaper that business was always bad for detailing operations at the end of the month before payday. Regular customers will then choose the cheaper services offered by the illegal washes.

Immigration officials raid carwash, arrest employees

“We urge the authorities to do whatever it takes to really put an end to these activities,” Nikman said in the story. When contacted, the Municipal Department declined to comment on the issue.

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