TRUCKEE, CA — Detailing services have proven to be important for car owners looking to get the longest life out of their vehicle, according to the Sierra Sun.

The Mar. 5 story was written by Doug Schroeder, the owner of an auto repair and maintenance business. Schroeder listed the 11 most important tips to keep a car running past 150,000 miles.

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First, it is important for owners to keep their cars clean. Regular washing and wax protection will help protect the layers of a vehicle’s exterior.

Another tip was fixing small problems as soon as they pop up. Schroder said it was important to repair every problem, from broken trim to torn upholstery, as soon as possible. Small problems can add up and “erode your love affair with your old car.”

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Finally, fighting rust is another important tip. If a car owner lives where it snows, a vehicle should be washed when the temperature is above freezing. Here, melting snow allows embedded salt to attack a car’s exterior.

Read the entire 11 tips here.