DARIEN, Conn. — According to an article posted by the Darien News, a woman reported that her one-karat diamond earrings, which are valued at $4,300, were stolen at a local carwash.

On Dec. 2nd, the woman brought her SUV to Splash Car Wash on Post Rd., the article reported, and she claimed she remembered seeing the pear-shaped diamond earrings in a compartment of the center console before she exited her car.

Upon returning to her vehicle, the woman noticed a female employee vacuuming the interior of the SUV, the article stated.

She realized the earrings were missing shortly after leaving the carwash, according to the article.

The woman immediately called the carwash to explain what had happened and returned to the business, the article noted; the manager then went through both the car and the vacuum but failed to find the earrings.

The woman did not report the missing earring to the police until Dec. 14th, the article noted.

Authorities reviewed the surveillance footage, but did not find any incriminating evidence, the article reported; they are continuing to investigate and are speaking with Splash Car Wash employees.

The police did admit that it appears the earrings were stolen and not vacuumed up, the article stated.

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