Diamond MAGIC® is now available through Kleen-Rite Corp - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Diamond MAGIC® is now available through Kleen-Rite Corp

PEABODY, Mass. — Diamond MAGIC® is a cleaner that actually has diamonds in it, and it is now available through Kleen-Rite, according to a press release.

PEABODY, Mass. — When headlights need restoration, Diamond Magic® is now being used to reduce the time it takes, according to a press release.

Diamond Magic® is now available through Kleen-Rite to make it easier to get. “We are incredibly excited about the new partnership with Kleen-Rite Corp,” says DCB Enterprises LTD, LLC V.P. for Development Bob Murphy. 

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The article states that headlight restoration times are greatly reduced by using Diamond Magic®.

The product also really has diamonds in it, according to the release.

Murphy said the company is happy with the progress it has made in the marketplace, and looking to continue to grow. “Next, we look forward to showing home users the versatile power of Diamond MAGIC® around the kitchen, bath, car and even boats.”

To visit the Diamond MAGIC® website, click here

To visit the Kleen-Rite website, click here

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