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Do you offer minor carpet repair and carpet recoloring services?


The two best interior restoration services to add on to your current offerings is minor carpet repair and carpet recoloring. Why? Because there is no large learning curve or big outlay of money to get up and running.

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Minor repairs are just that: Minor. Cigarette burns, for example. They are an eyesore, but can be cosmetically repaired to look almost as good as new in just a few short steps.

  1. Note: If you are cleaning the carpet it must be done and thoroughly dried before the repair is attempted. Do not use any dressings before or after the repair. Steam cleaning and hard brushing will lift the repair. After the repair has cured completely, normal vacuuming should not loosen it provided the adhesive has been pressed into the carpet, and it has been allowed time to properly cure.
  2. With a razor blade, shave some carpet fibers from an area of the carpet that is not noticeable (under the seats or the trunk area are good).
  3. With a palette knife, press Fast Dry Adhesive (clear, solvent based adhesive for velour or fabric) into the hole.
  4. Drop carpet fibers into the adhesive
  5. With the point of the palette knife, cut the fibers into the adhesive until the repair matches the surrounding undamaged carpet.
  6. Note: with shag or long, plush carpet it may be necessary to embed each fiber with a pair of tweezers.

Faded, stained or dingy carpets can bring down the entire experience for a customer. Enhance and brighten carpet with SEM Color Coat. (Note: while it’s not recommended to use these dyes to completely change the interior color, I will say this: it is always easier to go darker.)

  1. Clean the carpet beforehand and thoroughly dry. Do not use any dressings or silicones before or after recoloring.
  2. Apply light, even coats.
  3. Brush dye in all directions with a stiff nylon scrub brush between coats. This keeps the fibers separated and helps keep it from stiffening up.
  4. Repeat process until color is uniform.
  5. You may want to lightly mist SEM Bumper Coater LT Titanium Metallic (39283) after your last coat. It will give the job sparkle and depth.
  6. After dye job is completed, and dry, brush one last time (in all directions).

Wynelda Ann Deaveris employed by Fitzgerald's Restoration and can be reached at [email protected].

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