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Documentation – A Necessary Process

Do you have a documentation process in place that captures what your employees are doing right and, what they could improve upon?


Do you have a documentation process in place that captures what your employees are doing right and, what they could improve upon? If not, you should. Not only does documenting an employee’s performance open up communications on what, and how, they can improve, documentation affords you some degree of protection if you terminate an employee and the termination is legally challenged.

It is a standard practice to interview someone when you hire them, but is it standard for you to conduct an exit interview? If not, it should be. The process itself can sometimes be hard to follow when letting someone go because of the circumstances surrounding the situation. No matter the situation, always fill out an exit interview form. If the employee refuses to answer the questions or sign the form, note that on the form before filing it in the employees file. And, recordkeeping plays an important part in the documentation process as the EEOC requires employers to keep an employee’s file for at least one year from the date of termination (Publication 29 CFR Part 1602).

To assist you with your necessary documentation/recordkeeping, this month’s tip includes an example of an Exit Interview. Feel free to use this one, or create one of your own, but whatever you do, make sure you have one and that you use it.

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Exit Interview

Employee Name _____________________ Termination Date _____________________
Employee ID# ______________________ Eligible for Rehire [ ] Yes [ ] No
Job Title ______________________

Reason for Termination

Voluntary Involuntary
[ ] Another Position [ ] Attendance
[ ] Personal Reasons [ ] Violation of Company Policy
[ ] Relocation [ ] Lay Off
[ ] Retirement [ ] Reorganization
[ ] Return to School [ ] Position Eliminated
[ ] Other_______________ [ ] Other_______________
Employee Comments:
Interviewer Comments:
Employee’s Signature ____________________ Date: ____________________
Interviewer’s Signature ____________________


1. What are your primary reasons for leaving?
2. What did you find most satisfying about your job?
3. What did you find most frustrating about your job?
4. Were there any company policies or procedures that made your work more difficult?
5. Would you consider returning to this company in the future?
6. Would you recommend this company to a friend as a good place to work?
7. Is there anything the company could have done to prevent you from leaving?

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