Market research will help you target growing market niches and avoid stagnant or declining ones. For example, a stagnant niche might be the auto dealer. Trying to build or expand a business serving a shrinking or extremely competitive market is a sure course for financial failure.

On the other hand, tying out your detail business with a rising star helps to ensure built-in growth. A little study and some common sense will tell you what the best markets for your detail business are. Once you know your markets, be sure to go after each one differently. Do not depend on just one. For example, do not be satisfied with just luxury car owners.

There is a big market among drivers of the Honda, Toyota and Oldsmobile types. Also Jeep Cherokees, mini-vans and Suburbans. Then there are boats, RV's and trucks. You do not have to be a heavy hitter company to do market research. There are plenty of resources. Talk to your suppliers, competitors and operators in other parts of the country.

The basics are here. It is up to you to make them work. If you are only interested in detailing cars, or leaving the success of your detail department to your detail manager, it is unlikely you will be overwhelmed with business.