Drawing a Blank

Drawing a Blank

The importance of drawing inspiration to inspire motivation.

I originally sat down to write this article on a Monday. It’s now Wednesday, and up until a moment ago, the page was still blank. As I searched for inspiration, all the usual thoughts came into my head; maintenance tips, preparing for winter, holiday gift card sales, etc. and then it hit me like a BFH (you car wash folks know what that is) … write an article on inspiration!

What inspires you? Each person draws inspiration from different places.

Personally, I draw from many. I’m inspired by my beautiful wife of 34 years; she has been with me through thick and thin. I’m inspired by my daughter; watching her raise my two grandchildren and guiding them through home school education. I’m inspired by my son in law; a 1st responder who goes to work never knowing what challenge he may face. I’m inspired by my grandkids; they make me a better person, as I strive every day to be the best example for them.

When I think about it, all of these people believe in themselves and they believe in others, including me.

Professionally, I’m inspired by our industry.  It is a fast paced, energetic industry that is changing and evolving at a pace we never dreamed of a decade ago.  I’m inspired by the leadership at Sonny’s.  Our CEO, Paul Fazio, has more energy today than when I met him 36 years ago. I’m inspired by the women in the industry.  Based on talent, ambition and results, women now have leadership positions in our industry, which only a few years ago was mostly male dominated.  

I’m inspired by the people on the CarWash College and Technical Support teams at Sonny’s who push to be better and make those around them want to be better.  It’s truly a pleasure and honor to be part of a team that is never satisfied with yesterday’s performance.

I’m inspired by the students that come to CarWash College. I feed off their enthusiasm for the industry and positivity.  Their interest pushes me to look for ways to improve the curriculum so that we send them back to their washes better prepared. I’m inspired by having the opportunity to help so many carwash professionals become better at their jobs and increase the chance for career advancement.

So, where do you draw your inspiration from? Is it from family? Career goals? A good nap? A combination of all? No matter the source of inspiration, the important thing is to act on it, nurture it and use it.

If you’re currently lacking inspiration, as I was when I sat down to write this article, don’t give up on yourself.  Look to others for inspiration.  Think about what’s really important to you for a few moments as I did. Break it down into manageable pieces. 

Inspired people have brought us to this point in the industry and it will be those with proper focus, inspiration and motivation that will take us to the next level. 

All the best!

Bob Fox has 35 years’ experience in the carwash industry and is the vice president of Sonny’s Car Wash College™. Bob can be reached at [email protected]. For more information about CarWash College™ certification programs, visit CarWash College or call the registrar’s office at 1-866-492-7422.

This content is sponsored by CarWash College. Sponsored content is authorized by the client and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Professional Carwashing & Detailing editorial team. 

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