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DRB adds EverWash as a DRB Certified Interface

AKRON, Ohio — DRB has announced that EverWash Inc. is now a DRB Certified Interface, according to a press release.

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This new integration allows critical information to flow between EverWash’s mobile applications and DRB In-Bay Solutions’ Unitec® brand of pay stations, the release continued.

With the DRB Certified Interface, EverWash can provide a mobile app to in-bay automatic (IBA) carwashes that utilize Unitec pay stations, the release noted.

The app allows customers to purchase unlimited plans on the app and redeem them by scanning a code at the pay station, creating an easy, contactless transaction, the release stated.

This allows IBA washes to take advantage of the recurring revenue that unlimited wash plans offer.

“We’re passionate about helping carwash operators grow and get the most out of their assets,” said Dan Pittman, president and CEO of DRB. “The EverWash integration opens up new paths for unattended carwash operators to generate revenue and consumer loyalty. The ability to offer unlimited wash plans via a mobile application is a game-changer for this segment of the carwash industry.”

The DRB Certified Interface also enhances EverWash’s ability to help carwash operators grow their businesses and manage consumer behavior in the face of growing competition, said Scott Pashley, EverWash’s chief revenue officer.

“This integration will provide the contactless solution so many consumers are looking for now while also streamlining the experience for hundreds of our wash partners and tens of thousands of members,” Pashley said. “We are extremely excited to partner with DRB In-Bay Solutions to grow our wash partner’s profits.”


“EverWash’s DRB Certified Interface is a huge win,” said Jerry Sinner, general manager at Orlando’s Market and Carwash. “This made for a straightforward EverWash implementation at my location and an effortless membership experience for our customers. We look forward to growing our membership thanks to the technology offered by both EverWash and DRB In-Bay Solutions moving forward.”

The DRB Certified Interface program provides a platform for the secure exchange of data between DRB and third-party companies with which carwash owners do business, the release stated.

DRB requires vendors to complete a certification process, which helps ensure secure access to carwash data, the release added.

DRB supports its approved vendors with technical assistance and system updates, the release concluded.

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