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Driver leads police on high-speed chase through a carwash

MOHAVE COUNTY, Ariz. — A woman resisting arrest for speeding led police on a wild car chase.

MOHAVE COUNTY, Ariz. — According to the Miami Herald, in an attempt to evade arrest, an Arizona woman ran into a police officer, rammed into a carwash and a vehicle inside as well as instigated a high-speed chase on the highway.

Carey Sims, 43, was driving south on Hwy. 95 when deputies pulled her over for speeding and weaving in traffic, the article continued.

Sims pulled into a carwash parking lot, but when deputies approached her vehicle, she rolled up heavily tinted windows and only rolled down the driver’s side window a couple inches when deputies knocked, the article noted; afterwards, she began to yell at them and refused to lower her window more or hand over her driver’s license.

A deputy them told her she would be detained for reckless driving, to which Sims responded, “No, I’m not.”

Sims then started driving again, spinning her back wheels and hitting the deputy with the side of her car, the article noted.

Sims then drove through a barricade and into the carwash, but there was a vehicle blocking her path, and authorities laid down a spike strip behind her back tires, the article added.

The police told Sims multiple times to get out of the car and then began to break the driver’s side window to unlock the car, the article stated.

Sims started to drive again, slamming into the vehicle ahead of her and shoving it out of the carwash, the article added.

Then, Sims raced out of the parking lot and onto Hwy. 95, where she ran red lights and hit 80 miles per hour, the article continued.

While deputies pursued her, one of Sim’s rear tires blew out and the rim began to break, sending metal shrapnel into a deputy’s car, breaking the windshield and flinging glass into the deputy’s arms and eyes, the article noted; deputies involved came away with minor injuries.

After a 19-mile, 37-minute chase, Sims came to a stop, the article noted; according to a police photo released from the scene, her back tire was completely gone.

Sims put her keys on the ground and was arrested after deputies restrained her, the article added.

Sims faces felony charges for aggravated assault of an officer, unlawful flight from law enforcement, resisting arrest and aggravated criminal damage, the article concluded; she is being held at the Mohave County Jail.

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