WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Stage five drought is now in effect, which means carwashes in Wichita Falls will need to close two days a week, according to Texomashomepage.com

The manager of All American Car Wash, Jim Cadotte, said he’s not happy with the decision, but understands that cutbacks have to be made.

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All American closed Sunday and Monday this week, and worker schedules needed to be adjusted for the new hours. “That took a little scrambling yesterday, getting the word [on Friday] and then going into the new schedule definitely took some shifting and adjusting but we've been preparing for this,” said Cadotte.

Alternative water sources have been considered, he said in the article, but were not a cost-effective solution. “We're not looking to haul in water at this point, it's just not feasible without us having to go up significantly on prices and we don't want to do that.”

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Lakes are currently at 25 percent capacity, and if they hit 20 percent, the article said the washes in the area will have to shutdown completely.

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