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Dryers for in-bay automatics

Dryers keep going through evolutions. Some manufacturers use combinations of plastic, aluminum, steel, polymer, resin, or even stainless for the dryer housing unit. Each has a pro and con and ultimately an owner's personality and style can determine what a dryer will be. In general, the higher the quality of the housing material, the longer the external longevity of the dryer and the nicer your wash will appear to your clients.

Dryers today come in numerous sizes, shapes and styles. It’s important to know what options to consider and why they make a difference.

Aside from jumping in and adding another piece of equipment to your in-bay, you first need to know your space considerations. Some dryers require as much as 12 feet of floor space, others fit in as little as 28 feet. Dryers can be mounted on-board, (for those with no floor space) or they can be mounted on the wall (wall mounts have definite draw backs and should be used in extreme space situations.) Ideally, the dryer needs to meet your space requirements either inside or outside of your in-bay automatic.

For this, we find the freestanding dryer to be ideal. The freestanding dryer requires less cycle time, so you can wash more cars per hour. They can go where you want them, even outside your wash with a vending option, which equals more cash for your bottom line. Some dryer manufacturers have specially designed freestanding products for limited space, so be sure and check all of your options since space is the first and foremost consideration.


Arthur D. Stephens, Jr. has been in the carwashing industry for 30 years. He is the owner of International Drying Corporation, of Crystal Lake, IL, and owner of Crystal Service Group. For more information, visit www.internationaldrying.com.

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