HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. — Chad Zani recently moved to the South Bay from Australia to start an eco-friendly carwash/detailing company called Envi, according to The Beach Reporter.

Envi doesn’t use any water, reduces the chance of damage to cars while being washed and helps protect the environment by not using any harsh chemicals, stated the article.

Zani plans to launch a demand app this upcoming weekend, Oct. 9-11, reported the article, which will permit a customer to park his or her car anywhere and then Envi will clean it and protect it from UV light using a solution Zani discovered while living in Australia 12 years ago.

The waterless solution used is biodegradable plant-based, continued the article, and Zani reported that the solution contains no volatile organic compounds.

When discovered by Zani, the solution was expensive and largely used by car enthusiast in Australia, informed the article, however he was able to get help from a chemical manufacturer to get the solution at a lower cost.

“We will use 8 to 16 ounces [of the solution] depending on the dirtiness of the car and the size of the vehicle,” said Zani in the article. “We spray it on the paint of the vehicle, which is actually the clear coat. You have metal, primer, color, clear, so when you’re cleaning the car, you’re cleaning the clear. We spray it on and give it time to mix with the dirt because dirt is water soluble. Then we take a microfiber towel and we teach our guys the technique of rolling their hand so we clean the car in straight lines, lifting and trapping the dirt and lifting and inspecting our towel. We’re not dragging a dirty section of towel over the car. … It’s meticulous, panel by panel. … It takes us 60 minutes to do a car.”

An exterior-only service, which includes paint, tires, rims and windows, is $30, noted the article, and Envi charges $40 to also have the interior cleaned.

You can find the article here.