WOODINVILLE, Wash. — The wash system Clean Planet had installed four years ago was “cutting edge” but the company is putting in a new one to keep up with the latest in carwash technology, according to a press release.      

The new ChoiceWash XT will use as little as 15 gallons of water on a vehicle, which is around 25 gallons less than the company’s previous machine.

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Another advantage of the new machine is the fact that it “uses a state of the art water reclamation system in combination with the advances in new equipment.” The wash system is computer-controlled, has high-pressure nozzles and can minimize the cost of electricity along with the cost of water.

Clean Planet also has a detailing department that will appreciate the SoftTec brush technology, which “field-testing shows that after 300 washes, there is no sign of fine scratches,” according to the release.

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For more information on Clean Planet’s quicker, greener, and cleaner ChoiceWash automotive car wash, contact Craig MacKay at Clean Planet Detailing and Car Wash at 425-949-8275.

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