REDWOOD CITY, CA — In 2013, the hybrid vehicle industry is expected to introduce 20 new makes and models, according to a press release.

The Nov. 28 release stated that next year will see the number of hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles increase. Because of this growth, specialty companies are needed to provide hard-to-find accessories and performance items for the hybrids.

Washing the cars of the future

JuicedHybrid’s founder and CEO Paul Goldman said, “It was nearly impossible for me to find accessories and performance items that would let me customize my Prius the way I wanted. After I modified my hybrid other drivers began to notice, saying that they didn’t know a Prius could look so stylish. That’s when I knew the market for hybrid accessories was seriously lacking.”

Today, JuicedHybrid carries over 3,500 products for more than 35 models of hybrids and electric vehicles. The company also updated its website recently.