CAMBRIDGE, England — GreenClean Eco-Friendly Hand Car Wash will donate 10 percent of its profits to Water Aid for one week, according to

The initiative begins April 10, noted the article, and is meant to promote the wash's use of a new filtration system that recycles 96 percent of water used.

Established in 1981, Water Aid is an international nonprofit organization that operates in 26 countries, shared the article. It seeks to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects.

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“At GreenClean we understand that water is precious, which is why we have an on-site water recycling machine which allows us to recycle 96 percent of the water we use to clean your car,” said GreenClean managing director Nadeem Bouzid, in the article.

The wash is open seven days a week and a team of six employees cleans up to 100 vehicles daily, stated the article.

GreenClean offers a “Stamp Me” card loyalty program that uses customers’ phones, reported the article.

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