TRAVERSE CITY, MI — An Express Auto Wash employee used the skills he acquired as a police officer to track down a man who stole a coin box from a carwash bay, an story reported.

The Dec. 30 story said Ken Coffman noticed some suspicious activity on the carwash's security cameras when a man pulled into one of the bays last Friday night. Coffman took note of the vehicle's plates when it was pulling out of the carwash and the police were then notified.

Turns out Coffman's instincts were right, as the man had stolen the bay's coin box which included a credit card reader.

Carwash Manager Dan Kaupas, said in the story, "Off the footage we received from our cameras, the vehicle had some noticeable marks to it. My employee saw the vehicle while driving, called me, and was able to follow the vehicle. It's phenomenal that he put himself out there to do that, and I'm very appreciative of him for that."

Coffman said he was happy to help. "It feels good. You know, we don't need it (crime) up here, and you know the old cliche: crime doesn't pay," he said in the story.

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