CORALVILLE, IA — An entrepreneur here installed a dog wash in the self-serve stall of a friend’s carwash, The Gazette reported.

The Nov. 20 story stated that Tracy Davis owns a local fitness franchise, and he was inspired to open the pet wash when he discovered a similar business model in Las Vegas. The cost for the service is $7 for 10 minutes, and it is open 24/7.

Pet wash booth joins gas station and Laundromat

The pet wash includes a sprayer with heated water, two soap options and two conditioners. After a final rinse, owners can apply a deodorizer. As every customer leaves, he or she can push a button to apply a disinfectant rinse to the tub.

“Most people don’t want to wash large dogs at home. It’s a hassle, especially if you want to keep your bathrooms clean,” Davis said in the article. “Myself and a helper will go out throughout the day and pick it up,” he said. “But people so far have been great about picking up after themselves.”

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