MARICOPA, Ariz. — Jeff Dadam’s Fast & Friendly Express Car Wash is getting ready to open to the public after years of delays, according to

FEMA floodplain-related issues have pushed back the carwash’s plans for nearly two years, said the article.

Dadam learned the patience he needed for the long process when and his father took on the task of bringing Red Bull energy drinks across the Atlantic to the U.S. from Europe, noted the article.

Many people laughed when they tasted the odd, eight ounce drink that sold for two dollars, shared the article. Energy drinks had not yet taken hold in the country.

The city is excited to receive the full-service carwash as a place where residents can shop and keep money in the county, reported the article.

Dan Beach, director of Maricopa’s Center for Entrepreneurship, stated in the article that his organization will support businesses that choose to come to Maricopa.

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