ST. AUSTELL, ENGLAND — The new carwash opened earlier this month and is located on the ground level of White River Place Shopping Centre and operated by 2G services Ltd., according to

The April 29 story stated the new carwash is the only of its kind in the Cornwall area. The eco-friendly system uses a low-mist vehicle washing that only uses half of a liter of water.

Mobile waterless service fits in a Smart Car

The carwash operated as a drop off and collect service where customers can leave their cars parked, go shopping and return to a clean vehicle. 

White River Place Centre manager said in the story, “The new carwash is absolutely fantastic —you would never believe that you could get such a perfectly clean, glistening finishing using just half a liter of water but it really does work. The reaction we’ve had from shoppers so far has been fantastic – you really do need to try it for yourself to see just how efficient our eco-friendly system is.”

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