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Expected trends at the 2016 NACS Show

ATLANTA — The NACS Show begins on Oct. 18th, and there are 13 trends you should expect to see.

ATLANTA — The 2016 NACS Show begins on Oct. 18th, and according to CSP Daily News, there are 13 trends you should expect to see at the show:

  • Cold brew coffee. Cold-brew and nitrogen-dispensed coffee programs are trending. The question is, will sales make it worth the employee learning curve?
  • Clean labeling. How much will customers expect from operators and manufacturers regarding clean labeling?
  • EMV upgrades. Pump manufacturers will be detailing ways gas stations can upgrade their technology to become EMV-compliant, given looming 2017 deadline for the fuel-retailer liability shift, and drive more customers into the store.
  • Midlevel ethanol-ready fueling equipment. With auto-manufacturers introducing more fuel-efficient vehicles, high-octane fuel shares are expected to grow. As a result, expect fueling-equipment manufacturers to feature UL-compliant components that are compatible with 15 percent ethanol blends and higher.
  • Protein drinks. Protein is finding its way into everything from yogurt to bottled water.
  • Healthy drinks. Major beverage makers are pushing their lines offering healthier options, such as drinks enhanced with probiotics. They’ll be available to sample.
  • Protein snacks. In addition to protein drinks, snacks filled with protein and other ingredients are all the rage.
  • Healthy snacks. Major snack companies, such as Kellogg and General Mills, are acquiring smaller companies that specialize in making healthier snack options.
  • Energy gum. Gum sales have dropped, since Millennials seem to favor mints over gum, but those same consumers are ardent about energy drinks. As a result, expect to see energy-boosting gum.
  • The cloud. Retailers are beginning to use “the cloud” to hand over a number of operations to third parties.
  • Data distribution. According to Hubert Williams, vice president of technology and development for Maverik, North Salt Lake, Utah, the new challenge retailers will face is data transferal to third parties, especially with major tobacco companies calling for retailer transactional data.
  • E-cigarettes. While the future of e-cigs is unclear, given NJOY’s recent file for bankruptcy, major tobacco manufacturers appear to be investing in e-cig promotions.
  • Legal marijuana. While the legalization of marijuana may accelerate with votes on its usage going up in major states like California this November, Chris Walsh, editorial director for Denver-based Marijuana Business Daily, says that it may yet be a while before c-stores legally get to sell it.

Read the full article about the upcoming 2016 NACS Show here.

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