AVILLA, Ind. — As part of an elite detailing team selected by master detailer Renny Doyle, local Mike Liebing recently worked to restore the first Air Force One presidential jet, according to the Journal Gazette.

Liebing learned the detailing business from his father, and he has worked in the industry his entire life. His children now work at Praxis Detailing, the family business, said the article.

The Air Force One Detailing Team has been restoring the first Air Force One and the Concorde Alpha Golf since 2003, noted the article. As one of the top 35 detailers in the country, Liebing was chosen to work on the team.

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“There are two components I look at: skills and personality. Mike definitely has the skill set, and he’s great to work with. He’s an extremely loyal guy,” Doyle said in the article. “We’re all businessmen, but it’s really a big detailing family in our professional industry group.”

Liebing’s specialty is paint correction. He worked on Air Force One’s win, fuselage and nose, and he cleaned its engines and polished its aluminum rims, reported the article.

His business, Praxis, was also chosen to detail a fleet of cars by the Disiere Collection in Fort Worth, Texas. The team wears gloves while they work to keep oils and salts from transferring from their skin to the vehicle’s surface, noted the article.

Praxis is looking into a starting another location.

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