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Fall is best time to oil spray cars to protect from rust

KITCHENER, Ontario — Oil spraying is a less expensive way to protect vehicles from salted roads and humidity.

KITCHENER, Ontario — Many vehicle owners credit oil spraying with keeping their cars and trucks rust-free for years, according to The Record.

In the process, a car’s underside is coated with a light oil coating. It is not an invasive process and is less expensive than traditional rust proofing, stated the article.

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Dyn-o-mite Auto Detailing recommends drivers have this coating applied one every year, ideally in the fall, said the article.

The article said that rust can grow and cause serious damage quickly. It is often recognized by patches of reddish brown flakes and peeling or bubbling paint.

Water, salt and humidity are the usual causes of rust, noted the article. This is especially problematic in northern climates where roads are frequently salted in the winter months.

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