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Fall/Winter Marketing

Summer is coming to an end in many areas and the busy season is just around the corner.



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Summer is coming to an end in many areas and the busy season is just around the corner. Your winter maintenance checklist is made and is waiting to be checked off. As you look at your checklist, have you included marketing and promotions? Although it is important to check your current marketing to be sure that it is in good condition and hasn't faded during the summer months, you don't have to stop there. The busy season can provide all sorts of opportunities for promotions and upselling of packages.

As the fall and winter seasons approach, so does a whole new set of cleaning challenges and different consumer patterns. It is important to take advantage of the season and let your customers know why it is important to wash their cars and keep them clean during these months.


Moving into fall, the rains can bring carbon and oil from the road to the surface creating greater cleaning challenges that require products that have been formulated to dissolve and lift these soils. During the winter months, road deicing chemicals such as magnesium chloride and other grime tend to almost completely cover the vehicle's surface making cleaning a challenge. Advertise that your wash can get back their vehicle's shine and give it added protection against the harsh elements. Road deicer, magnesium chloride and sand can be damaging to the vehicle, eating away at the paint and underbody. Many operators adjust their presoaks to specifically address the seasonal cleaning challenges. They often advertise these changes as a way to drive volume. Adding verbiage to your winter marketing like "Magnesium Chloride Remover" can help set you apart from the competition. Additionally, promote the premium product used in your top package to protect your customer's vehicle's surface as well as prevent rusting that can occur on the underbody.


You can also push for convenience. It is more convenient to wash your car at a professional car wash than to wash your vehicle at home when it is 40 degrees and windy outside. You can let people know that you have heated water or heated floors that will prevent freezing on their vehicles.

Another thing you can do is offer specials two or three days after a snowstorm. This will allow time for the plows to remove the snow and deicing chemicals from the roads and be just in time to clean all those grimy vehicles.


Finally, you can offer holiday discounts or weekly discounts.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you take advantage of the conditions around you to increase your revenues.

From the Lustra Team – Keep Shining

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