HOLLAND, Mich. — Quality Car Wash’s sixth location will open in December, according to mlive.com.

The location will include an automated carwash, fuel pumps, convenience store and showroom for the company’s manufacturing side, noted the article.

Ryan Essenburg is responsible for sales, promotions and marketing for the company, stated the article. His grandfather began the business in 1969.

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Essenburg said in the article, “That will be our showplace of the latest and the greatest.” The Totally Tommy Express 2015 model will be featured in the showroom.

The location will hire 30 employees at several of its locations as part of its growth, reported the release.

The carwash can clean a car in two minutes on a moving floor instead of on a wheel track. It uses stainless steel washing equipment and has two automated pay lanes where unlimited wash club members’ cars are scanned when they enter, explained the release.

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