SCOTLAND — The Wilson family says an unlicensed carwash behind their home is a nuisance because of its constant noise and filth, according to the Daily Record.

Mother of two Liza Wilson, 47, says spray and dirty water cover the family’s washing and generator. She also worries about the piles of garbage next to the carwash.

“It’s a health hazard,” she said in the article. She worries about rats the trash heap may attract.

Liz’ daughter Stephanie, 20, said, “We’ve been thinking about moving because we just can’t put up with this any longer.”

The town council has previously refused consent for the business, but it has been unable to stop its operation.

In the article, a local authority spokesman said, “The car wash stopped operating in 2012 but has recently restarted. Council officers have carried out an on-site investigation and we are considering further action.”

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