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Father beaten, carjacked and robbed at carwash

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — The victim believes he was set up by the woman he was meeting.


MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — According to, a father was beaten, carjacked and robbed of his children’s Christmas gifts while meeting a woman at a Marshall County carwash.

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The victim said he agreed to meet the woman around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 20th at the carwash on Hwy. 309 near Goodman Rd., the article continued.

“I done seen her, like, in the clubs and stuff like that,” he said.

The two of them were sitting in his car when three armed men appeared, the article noted.

“She wasn’t in the car for, like, about three or four minutes, then that’s when the guys came, and I think she unlocked my door, and that was when all the guys came and took me out the car,” the victim said.

He estimated that the suspects beat him with pistols for four or five minutes and then ordered him to strip down to his underwear, the article stated.

The thieves took his phone, wallet and 2007 red Infiniti, which he had just purchased the week before, the article reported; in the trunk were two hover boards that were Christmas gifts for his children.

“That broke my heart. It broke my heart real bad,” he said.

According to the victim, while this was happening, the woman drove off, and the victim believes she set him up, the article noted.

“We have spoken to that lady that was there,” said Kelly McMillen with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, but investigators reported that the woman denied knowing the suspects.


The police believe that one of the suspects is not new to crime, as three months ago, a clerk was robbed at the BP gas station that shares a parking lot with the carwash, the article continued.

“The tip that we received advised us that one of those individuals involved in this incident was possibly involved in the armed robbery that took place at that store a couple of months back,” McMillen said.

McMillen said the police received information that the victim’s car may be in the East Memphis area, but they had not yet located it, the article concluded.

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