CLEVELAND — Like most high school students, Ryan Linker was looking for a way to earn some extra money, and lucky for him his father was able to teach him the art of detailing, according to Fresh Water Cleveland.

“My dad suggested I start some sort of business," said Linker. “He did car detailing as a kid and knew it pretty well and he said he could teach me.” His first customers in 2012 were neighbors and friends, but as the word spread about the great work Linker did, noted the article, his client base expanded.

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Linker credits his quality work to the dedication he has when detailing a vehicle. “I will work on a car until every piece of dust is gone. Sometimes it takes eight hours.”

After his first year in business, Linker competed in a competition through Saint Ignatius Entrepreneurial Academy (SIEntA) and won $250, which he used to purchase a buffer.

The business continues to grow, and with a new buffer, and the addition of an extra employee, Linker keeps improving on what his father taught him two years ago.

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