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Fistfight breaks out at Brockton carwash

BROCKTON, Mass. — A shouting match between women at a carwash turns violent.


BROCKTON, Mass. — According to, a fistfight broke out between two women at the Brockton Touchless Car Wash at 1015 Main St. on Feb. 20th.

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With the spring-like weather that Brockton experienced that Monday, small crowds of customers were meandering around the parking lot all afternoon, the article noted.

Around 2 p.m., two women outside the carwash, who had been screaming at each other for some time, the article stated, suddenly became violent.

Police officers and an ambulance responded to the fight, the article reported, and according to one officer who responded to the scene, it devolved into a “good old-fashioned fistfight.”

Witnesses stated that one woman swung several times at the other, punching her jaw at least twice; she was knocked to the ground and appeared dazed, the article added.


An emergency medical team arrived and took her to Brockton Hospital, the article stated.

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