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Five tips for carwash marketing

For a car wash owner, marketing can be a time-consuming endeavor. While it can be challenging to get the word out or take time out of your day (or hire a marketer) to work on marketing, it can pay dividends for your car war business. Here are some tips to help you get started or refine your marketing skills.

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Use social media to the fullest

Social media is a great way to grow your audience and keep them in the loop of anything going on in the business. Use social media to showcase your car wash, announcing offers, or even showcase before and after images of customers cars. With the proliferation of stories and TikTok/Instagram Reels, take advantage of those mediums as well to target a younger audience.

Take great images and video

A picture or video can say a thousand words. The way you show your carwash can affect the perception of your customers. As noted in the social media section, taking before and after content of cars can help customers see the quality of the wash, enticing them to come in. Showcasing state-of-the-art equipment or the carwash in action will also give confidence in your carwash.

Use clear and concise signage

Signage helps customers know what they’re getting into and the features the car wash will have. Most carwashes have a tiered washes, with more features for premium washes. Try to nudge customers to pick a more expensive option by letting them know that it is the better or best wash for their vehicle. With banners or flags, it can bring down a customer who wasn’t thinking of getting a car wash as a drive-in customer. It would also help find the entrance to the carwash. Branding can also bring an identity with signage, giving a brand touch to everything a customer sees.

Create a website

Creating a website can give potential and current customers information before going to your car wash. Letting customers read about your car wash and services provided would help them be better informed in their decision.  If there is a monthly membership for your car wash, let customers purchase or manage it online.

Advertise locally

Get the word out! Billboards are great, but in the age of digital media, more eyes will be focused on screens. Set up a budget for digital ads and target within your city or region. The more exposure, the more business you will receive.

While these tips won’t make you a marketing expert, it will certainly help you lead you and your business in the right direction. It will increase your exposure and customers which will increase revenue and even repeat customers.

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