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Five ways to grab customers’ attention and build loyalty easily

Detailed campaigns and special events are great ways to attract attention and draw in customers, but there are things you can do to attract more customers easily, according to a Ryko infographic.

  1. Be careful with coupons. Don’t send out coupons repeatedly so all your customers are using them. The more coupons you send out, the more customers use your business only when discounts are offered. Also make sure you are getting something in return. You can have customers sign up for a discount club or an email list to redeem the coupons.
  2. Be different. Don’t use the same pricing strategy as the shop down the street. Let customers know why your services are better and worth paying more for.
  3. Use the Internet. The Internet allows cheaper and easy ways to drive traffic. Use tools like social media and Groupon, and make sure your business is listed on sites like Yelp and Google Local. Monitor these sites for negative reviews. You can turn it into a positive experience and apologize and offer a discount for a future service.
  4. Give something away. People love free stuff, and they love people who give them free stuff. The service the customers receive will cost you a fraction of its regular price, so it is a good investment for you.
  5. Learn about SEO. Search engine optimization is important to driving customers to your site, therefore your business. Make sure your site follows SEO guidelines. You can research and learn how to do this yourself, or hire an agency with experience to do it for you.

Click here to see the full infographic.

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