MARCO ISLAND, FL — A detailer here has built his "mini-business" with the help of one of his favorite customers, Marco Island News reported.

The April 17 story stated that one day a man showed up at the detail business with a black Chevy Tahoe for Victor Brown to wash. The car belonged to Jerry Helms, and he would soon return to the site with a different vehicle.

Brown said in the story, "A week later, I was working on a car. There was a knock on the window, and it was Mr. Helms. He had a Ferrari parked there. He started me with the high-end cars.”

Lamborghinis, Ferraris and a monster party truck

“I just tried to give him a leg up,” Helms said in the story. “He did a nice job for me. The car was visible, so people said if he could clean a Ferrari, then he could clean cars like Mercedes as well.”

Overall, Helms just feels that Brown is a nice person. Brown ordered special wax for the Ferrari, and one Christmas he even gave Helms a case of Mountain Dew "because he knew I like them."

After three years of detailing, Brown now has a number of repeat customers. Some are part-time residents here and others are locals.

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