YAKIMA, Wash.  — Station KIMA has obtained footage from after the fatal shooting of Rocendo Arias by Officer Casey Gillette, according to station KIMA.

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The footage includes Gillette’s account of the events and some of the confusion following the shooting.

The video was obtained after the station filled out a public records request. According to the police, there is no footage of how Gillette approached the car Rocendo Arias was in. The way Gillette’s car was parked, the camera was not able to record the shooting.

He stated his car was not parked in position to film Arias because he did not suspect there would be any problems.There was some confusion on Gillette’s part about the timeline of when he drew his gun.

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There was additional confusion from Gillette about when he pulled his gun out. The report states that in cases like this, it is common for an officer to forget exactly when a gun is drawn.

An attorney for the family of Arias said that a wrongful death lawsuit is forthcoming.

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