The carwashing industry has fought long and hard to promote the benefits of professional carwashing versus washing a car at home. From the environmental angle, to the fact that it will save time and money, it seems as if things were going in favor of the professional carwash side. But, now, an article that recently appeared in Forbes is pushing car owners to wash their vehicles at home.

"Sure you could simply take it to the carwash," the article states, "or if you’re feeling flush pay a professional detailer several hundred dollars to slave over its appearance, but it’s easy enough to do the job yourself."

The article, written by Contributor Jim Gorzelany, whose tagline reads: Straight talk on how to maximize your automotive investment, and more, goes on to state, "Not only will you save money, you’ll find yourself connecting with your ride like never before. It’s a great way to spend a warm weekend afternoon with the ball game on the radio and a beverage or two at hand."

Household cleaners are also recommended in the article, and Gorzelany suggests rinsing down the car twice with a hose.

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