DEARBORN, MI — A 38-year-old Detroit man who worked at Royal Carwash in 2012 allegedly got into an argument with a current employee over money owed. When the current employee disagreed, the ex-employee pulled a handgun and held it to his side saying, “Oh, I’m going to get mine,” according to The News Herald.

The April 26 story stated that the current employee told police he asked the angered ex-employee, “What are you going to do with that?” To which the ex-employee responded, “I’m going to get my money.”

Wash attendant stabbed by armed robbers

The current employee told police he was afraid of being shot, but moved closer toward the ex-employee who then punched him in the face. The ex-employee quickly fled to his truck, an older silver or gold Ford Ranger, and drove away.

The current employee pursued him in his own vehicle, but lost him.

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