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Former wash attendant opens her own carwash location

FLORENCE, S.C. — Coty Stevens is now the owner/operator of a Tidal Wave Auto Spa location in Florence.


FLORENCE, S.C. — Coty Stevens worked as an attendant at Tidal Wave Auto Spa while earning a business administration degree from the University of North Georgia, according to the Morning News.

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Eight years later, stated the article, and Stevens is now the owner/operator of a Tidal Wave Auto Spa location at the corner of South Irby Street and Second Loop Road in Florence, which opened earlier this year.

“I started at the bottom and worked my way up,” said Stevens in the article. “I know I’m the rare one percent of people who just love their jobs. I get to be outside, and I take something dirty and make it clean. I’ve found my niche.”

Stevens explained customers can choose from three different wash packages, reported the article.

For $10 Rain X and a tire shine are included in the wash package, for $15 customers will also receive a hot carnauba wax, continued the article, and for $20 customers receive a four-step paint-sealant process.


“In carwash lingo: It makes your car super shiny,” stated Stevens in the article.

As part of the wash package, informed the article, customers can enjoy vacuums, which do not include a time limit, as well as free microfiber towels and a glass cleaner solution.

Steven adds that Tidal Wave Auto Spa customers can spend $9.99 more on top of their selected wash package to receive unlimited access for a month, stated the article.

“They buy two, and they get 28 for free,” said Stevens in the article.

Bobby Futch, chief operating officer for Tidal Wave Auto Spa, reported that the carwash doesn’t even consider the unlimited plan as an upsell, added the article.


“We just educate them on the offer because we want them to have a clean car,” asserted Stevens in the article. “It’s affordable to maintain a clean vehicle, so it’s a win-win.”

For customer Marilyn Gordon, the unlimited option just made sense — especially during the pollen season, noted the article.

“I love the way my car looks, and I want to keep it looking nice,” she added in the article.

You can find the article here.

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