PURCELLVILLE, VA — Residents can now receive a high-quality carwash in eight minutes or less at Station Auto Wash Exterior Express, according to a press release.

The Oct. 23 release stated that this exterior express location is an extension of the full-service Station Auto Wash in Leesburg, VA. According to Tom Magazzine and Ryan Magazzine, owners of the family business, the concept in building the new location was to establish a “hub” and “spoke” for Station Auto Wash customers.

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The goal was to get customers in and out quickly for frequent exterior cleaning between full-service cleanings. The new exterior express consists of a double, 65-foot wash tunnel featuring an exclusive high purity foam cleaning process that produces better results than hand-washing as cars go through a flat top conveyor belt system.

The original Station Auto Wash location in Leesburg has over 2.5 acres and 14,000 square feet in two buildings to handle both interior and exterior cleaning plus detailing efficiently.