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Gang-related crime at carwash

TOPPENISH, Wash. — Allegedly, members of a gang attempted to rob two carwash patrons.


TOPPENISH, Wash. — According to, police are searching for four suspects in a case of attempted armed robbery in broad daylight at a carwash.

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On March 14th, two people were washing and vacuuming their cars at a carwash on the corner of S. Beech St. and Washington Ave. when four others came up to them and tried to rob them at gunpoint, demanding money and cellphones, the article continued.

Capt. Dave Johnson with the Toppenish Police Department said the crime appeared to be gang-related, although the victims themselves are not in a gang, the article noted.

“The two victims are not members of any gang, but one of them was wearing a red shirt, and Toppenish is a blue-shirt-type of community, with Nortenos,” said Johnson.


Police are searching for four Hispanic males in their late teens to early 20s, the article concluded.

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