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Gas station required carwash fee after hurricane

QUEENS, NY — Commuters had to contend with gas shortages and lines over the past few weeks.


QUEENS, NY — In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Queens residents had an extremely difficult time finding gas. Lines to the pumps ran dozens of cars in length, causing even more traffic jams as this busy part of the country tried to get back on its feet after the natural disaster. One gas station began tacking on an additional carwash fee to make ends meet, ForestHillsPatch reported.

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Wash owner caught without TV license

The Nov. 8 story stated that Gas Sale was forcing its customers to purchase a mandatory $7.99 on-site carwash before filling up at the pump. As the line to the station snaked through several streets, customers were perplexed to find out about the mandatory charge after waiting hours in line.

"I'm shocked, it should be my choice, it's very unfair," said driver Phyllis Darrow, who had waited in line two hours only to find out about the policy. She said in the story, "It seems like price gouging."


High liquid disposal costs a blow to wash owners

Police could do nothing about the situation because the mandatory charge was in exchange for a legitimate service. Workers at the station said the charge is justified because the station is not making any money on the gas, which was selling for $4.49 per gallon. Without the $7.99 carwash charge, the station would be forced to close for the time being.

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