FORT COLLINS, Colo. — As two gas stations offer the lowest prices in town, one detailing shop says its business has suffered, according to

The steady stream of customers lining up for the rock-bottom prices have clogged an intersection, blocking Kool Rides auto detailing shop, noted the article.

“It’s caused a major nightmare for us for the last couple months,” shared Michael Nelson, the shop’s owner, in the article. “During the peak rush hours like early in the morning and late in the day, we’ll have cars stacked up…. We have people just trying to get in and out.… It’s just awful dangerous having cars cut in on the wrong side of Mulberry [street] to get in to get to the gas station.”

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The Diamond Shamrock and Western Convenience gas stations continue to compete, stated the article. When one lowers prices, the other reduces them further.

“When we go to match him, he goes four cents below,” said Robert Zipperstein, district manager for Empire Petroleum (Diamond Shamrock), in the article. “That’s what’s driving this, his wanting to be four cents below us for some reason. We’ve made the decision to go down to match, but at some point we have to decide enough is enough.”

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