PITTSBURGH — In celebration of Earth Day, Giant Eagle Inc. has committed to reduce water consumption by five percent by July 17, according to a press release.

The effort is expected to save millions of gallons of water, noted the release. According to Giant Eagle Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Development Shelly Sponholz, the company is dedicated to environmentally conscious initiatives throughout the year.

“It is with this mentality that we operate 12 LEED-certified retail locations, have converted nearly half of our distribution fleet to CNG-powered vehicles, and [we] recycle more than 700 tons of plastic bags annually,” said Sponholz in the release.

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Giant Eagle’s WetGo carwashes use water reclamation systems to reduce water consumption, reported the release.

The company also uses solar roofing and other technologies throughout its stores, stated the release. Customers can opt to receive eReceipts instead of paper receipts. The company will donate one dollar for every eReceipt issued on Earth Day, up to one thousand dollars to local parks.

Giant Eagle has more than 418 retail locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.

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