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Good Samaritans lift SUV off carwash worker

NEW YORK — After being run over, a new carwash employee was saved when others lifted the vehicle off him.


NEW YORK — According to, an employee of the East Flatbush carwash, 41, at his first day on the job was run over, and various Good Samaritans rushed to lift the SUV off him.

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The 70-year-old driver of the SUV was pulling out of the carwash, the article reported, when he suddenly barreled into the worker as he was approaching the vehicle, pinning him and then dragging him for several feet.

Two car salesmen from across the street, Jamaal Cyrus and Michael Kublal, ran across Church Ave. to rescue the worker upon seeing the accident, the article noted.

“I was walking across the street and just started filming, and I saw his legs under the car. Everybody was screaming — he was screaming — and I just dropped the phone,” Cyrus said. “His whole body, his face, his arm was under the wheel. It was bad.”


“He was trying to crawl from underneath the car; he couldn’t move. I think his leg was broken at that point,” said Kublal.

Teaming up with others at the carwash, they lifted the SUV off the man, the article added.

“Everybody was saying, ‘Lift the car.’ So, we lifted the car, and my coworker pulled him out from under it,” Cyrus said.

A woman on the scene who happened to be a doctor rested the victim’s head on her lap as they worked to keep the victim conscious, the article stated.

“He told me he was diabetic so I wanted to get him his insulin — at least get him that much,” Kublal said.

According to the police, the SUV also crashed into a gas pump and livery cab; furthermore, it bumped into a 32-year-old worker, who was treated at the scene for bruises, the article continued.


The driver stayed at the scene as emergency workers rushed the victim to the hospital; he was not charged, the article added.

The victim was diagnosed at the hospital with a fractured shoulder and hip, the article concluded.

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