WICHITA, Kan. — The Wichita Luxury Collection group of car dealerships is adding two more carwashes to its site, according to the Wichita Business Journal (WBJ).

The site already has one carwash, and the additional washes will allow it serve more customers, said the article.

Wichita Luxury Collection President Bobby Cuillo expects the new wash to be open Dec. 15, stated the article. Conco Inc. pulled a $500,000 permit to construct the wash.

Cuillo also added that a third carwash bay is being constructed, but it will not open until there is enough demand for it, reported the article.

The recent addition of an Audi dealership sped up the paces to add another carwash, noted Cuillo in the article.

The group was a 2014 WBJ Best in Business winner, said the article.

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