Guest Post blog: Educating customers on car care
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Guest Post blog: Educating customers on car care

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Establish trust and boost profits by educating customers on why they must be prepared for the unexpected.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the latest Guest Post, Scott Distel, an automotive consultant and professional writer, writes about the importance of educating customers about essential car care tools.

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“Sometimes things can happen to a vehicle outside of its regular cleaning and maintenance schedule,” says Distel. “As a responsible car care expert, properly educate customers about what can happen and why they must keep essential car care tools in their vehicles to help better address problematic situations if and when they arise.”

Educating customers about the unforeseen car troubles that may arise and encouraging them to be prepared, continues Distel, will boost their trust in you and your business and establish a strong relationship which can lead to boosted profits.


“Even with minimal mechanical knowledge, many unexpected car care issues can be handled by car owners — if they have the right tools,” asserts Distel. “Teach your customers about the essential items they should always have handy in their vehicles, so they can adequately handle any primary challenges competently.”

Distel offers a list, along with a description, of the fundamental tools car owners should keep handy in case problems occur while on the road. These include a socket and driver set, tow strap, mechanics tool set, reflective triangle and more.

“With these easy-to-use and extremely effective tools in the tow, your customers will be ready for the small repairing jobs,” states Distel. “Also, remind them to store these tools in an easily accessible area of their cars so they can quickly access them as and when needed the most.”


Read the entire blog post on car care tools here.

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