BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the latest Guest Post, Ron Burg of Action Gator Tire writes about how providing customers with quality services starts with education.

“Having a car is extremely convenient. However, the pleasure comes with certain responsibilities that owners must uphold. Maintaining a car is one such responsibility,” explains Burg. “It doesn’t matter how old or how new a car is, if it is well-maintained, even the oldest vehicle can run like it’s brand new. Thus, servicing a car is a must if the owner expects to keep it in good shape.”

Make sure to educate customers about why they should always opt for professional car services, continues Burg.

In the blog, Burg offers a few important factors for servicing a car by a professional as well as reasons for why professional services are of higher quality than home efforts, which can be good talking points for car care professionals when discussing services with customers.

One such reason, notes Burg, is that certain auto repairs require intricate and detailed work; and if the job is slightly off, it can result in serious consequences. Burg continues by offering alignment as an example. “If the alignment is not done properly, driving will be dangerous and will cause tires to wear out quicker than usual,” he adds. “Improper tire alignment also causes car owners to use more fuel.”

“Car owners may say a professional service is far more expensive than doing it at home. However, as car care professionals, educate customers about how professional services will be more thorough and will keep vehicles in good shape for years to come,” says Burg.

Read the entire blog post on educating customers on professional services here.

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