BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In the latest Guest Post, David Dwyer, a 20-year veteran of the carwash industry, discusses the pros and cons of soft cloth and touch-free wash type.

“The great debate continues over ways to wash the exterior of a car,” says Dwyer. “Which method is a better way to clean a vehicle, soft cloth or touch-free?”

He continues that there are car care professionals in favor of each wash type, and selecting one over the other simply comes down to perception and preference.

Dwyer also offers a few advantages and disadvantages for both wash types. He notes that soft cloth is a great option for lifting organic matter (bird droppings, bugs, pollen, dirt, etc.) and inorganic matter (road film, hard water spots, salt, etc.) off a vehicle’s surface; however, it can also exacerbate preexisting conditions (loose molding, loose mirrors, nonfunctioning power antennas, etc.).

Touch-free, he reports, is able to wash a wide range of vehicle types (oversize, duallys, etc.); however, this option has developed a bit of a reputation for not effectively washing a vehicle if it is exceptionally dirty.

“You have choices when it comes to selecting a wash type that works best for your location, and so do your customers,” asserts Dwyer. “Do a little research and evaluate the best options that most effectively address the needs of your targeted customer base.”

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