COLONIE, N.Y. — Hackers are already using the credit cards stolen from a local carwash in Albany County, New York, according to

A local resident said in the article that she has been the victim of credit card fraud at two different carwashes in the county, stated the article.

Her card information was first stolen at Colonial Car Wash and, most recently, at Hoffman Car Wash in the city of Colonie, reported the article.

Tom Hoffman Jr., CEO of Hoffman Car Wash, shared in the article that he was made aware of the breach last weekend.

He found a virus at the Amsterdam and Village of Colonie locations, informed the article. “We then started scanning every other location and could not find any problems with the 19 other carwash locations we operate,” he added in the article.

The breach was immediately reported to the Secret Service, the article continued, and they were able to figure out how it happened.

“We did make a mistake with one location’s router configuration,” explained Hoffman in the article. “That allowed the breach, and we’ve been able to correct that situation.”

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