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Homeless encampment found on carwash roof

PHOENIX — A news drone captured images of the encampment.


PHOENIX — According to www.fox10phoenix.com, FOX 10 Phoenix discovered an apparent homeless encampment on the roof of a carwash after a SkyFOX drone captured video of it.

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What can be seen on the roof in the video includes a tent and a bicycle, among other things, the article continued.

Stefanie Rojeski, a neighbor to the carwash, can see the roof from her backyard, the article noted.

“We’ve lived here for 11 years, and I would say a good five or six years, people have been living up there off and on,” said Rojeski, who added that she has seen tents, people and lights on the roof.

Rojeski claimed that since the carwash is open 24/7, it draws in both homeless and drug activity, the article noted.

However, the carwash’s owner of 20 years, Paul LaRue, said that he checks the carwash daily and that no one lives there, the article added.


“I can assure anyone concerned: Nobody lives on the roof,” said LaRue. “There’s a lot of junk up there, and we should probably clean it up, but nobody’s living up there. No way.”

LaRue also refuted the complaints about drug activity, the article stated.

LaRue stated that he would move to clean up the trash from the roof of the building, the article concluded.

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