COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho — Frank Barnhart is a homeless business owner whose mobile detailing business will hopefully help him get back on track, according to

Barnhart has 45 years of experience in the auto detailing industry. He has detailed cards for Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari dealerships.

Two divorces left him depressed and eventually homeless, said the article. Barnhart says he never tried drugs, though. “Not even in the ‘60s,” he said in the article.

Barnhart lived in a car until its pipes burst during the winter, then he stayed in a shop. Since his social security isn’t enough to live on, Barnhart wants to make enough money to support himself with his business, Franko’s Auto Salon, stated the article.

Barnhart created two products, one for interiors and one for the exterior of the vehicle. “You put it on twice a year and you’re good,” he said in the article. The products are key to his success since he has developed arthritis.

Barnhart hopes the products will allow him to rent a small home or apartment before winter. He plans to donate five percent of his sales to Heritage Health’s homeless programs to thank them for their help, noted the article.

"No matter how hard you get knocked down, stay the course and go out of your way to help others," Barnhart said in the article.

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